Episode 21_ A day in the life of a public health research coordinator, with Ama Kyeremeh phspot.ca_podcast

    hosted by: Sujani Siva

Show Notes

In this episode, Sujani sits down with Ama Kyeremeh, to speak about a day in the life of a public health research coordinator. Ama has worked in this role with an organization in British Columbia, Canada that focuses on women’s health. She takes us through how she became interested in the field, what a day looks like, and more.

You’ll Learn

  • Ama’s journey into public health
  • How Ama gained public health experience early on during her undergraduate degree
  • What a day looks like for Ama, as an early public health research coordinator
  • A discussion on being a realist when you ponder the question of whether you are contributing in a meaningful way through your work and are making an impact in the world
  • Top practical skills to develop to excel in a public health research coordinator role, in addition to facilitation, communication, and negotiation
    • Someone anticipating to get into this role should develop various writing skills, as well as project management
  • The importance of networking for a role as a public health research coordinator, especially proactive networking
  • The inspiration for Ama to pursue a career in public health: a beautiful story of her early school years in Ghana, and seeing public health interventions and educators in action

Today’s Guest

Ama Kyeremeh

Ama Kyeremeh is a Research Coordinator with the Women’s Health Research Cluster at the University of British Columbia. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology and a Master of Public Health with a specialization in Population Health Science from Simon Fraser University. Ama has experience assisting and coordinating health projects related to Women’s Health, HIV/AIDS, Mental health and substance use. She is currently supporting various research initiatives and activities for the Women’s Health Research Cluster.


  • The Malaria Free Future song Ama mentioned were public health interventions that were significant, as they involved school children in educating their communities. You can view it here: Malaria Free Future
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