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Show Notes

Networking is undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do to build your public health career, but it’s a topic that doesn’t get enough attention or training in public health. It is also an activity that most people don’t enjoy (at least the conventional idea of networking). You’ll be happy to know then that when we say “networking”, we are not only talking about attending large events to pitch yourself to strangers. To us, you are always networking, and it’s about more than meeting someone once for a favour, but rather about building meaningful relationships with them.

Our guest today, Sarah Martone, shared networking as her number one advice in a University of Guelph feature of Graduate Students. When we read this, we knew we needed to get her perspective and dive into networking a bit more!

You’ll Learn

  • What it means to network (hint: you’re always doing it!)
  • Why Sarah thinks networking is the number one thing you should do for your career
  • Examples of how networking has helped Sarah in her public health journey so far
  • A walk through of an example of how Sarah connected with someone she really wanted to meet (who funny enough ended up being someone we knew very well)
  • Email and LinkedIn etiquette for when you are reaching out to connect with peers and mentors in the field
  • How to take control of what pops up when people google you (because people will Google you if you reach out to connect with them)
  • The importance of turning around and paying it forward to the next generation if someone offered you their time

Today’s Guest

Sarah Martone

Sarah Martone is from Markham, Ontario (Canada) and completed her undergraduate degree in 2017 at the University of Guelph in Honours Zoology and took a year after to work and figure out what she wanted to pursue for graduate studies. In 2018, she was accepted to the University of Guelph’s Master of Biomedical Science program, specializing in reproductive biotechnology where she completed her masters research project at the Toronto Zoo. During her program she decided she wanted to pursue a career in public health to use her animal science background and interest in human health. She was accepted this year to the Master of Public Health program at the University of Guelph for the Fall 2019 semester and has been loving every minute of it. She is enthusiastic about pursuing a career that focuses on zoonotic disease. In her spare time Saraha enjoys horseback riding, playing soccer and just being outdoors!


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