The slow and thoughtful expansion of PH SPOT

As we gear up to wrap up 2019, and head into 2020, we are feeling excited here at PH SPOT. Recently, we added a new member to the PH SPOT team. We’ve got a few members supporting this community, and the addition of this particular individual, a Content Creator for our Public Health Newsletter, is especially meaningful. For me, in particular, it’s the start of a slow (and thoughtful) growth of PH SPOT into its next phase. The weekly newsletter has been something that I have personally created and delivered to your inboxes every single week, for the past 3 years…129 newsletters, which I carefully compiled hand-picked public health jobs and various opportunities to support your career growth.

It took a lot of convincing myself to bring someone on to take over the newsletter because of the sense of attachment I had towards this specific product – it was essentially my way of communicating with you every week. I thought that if I had anyone else take on this role, I would miss out on this opportunity, and quite frankly, I didn’t trust anyone to create and deliver this valuable resource every week to you.

Despite all of the fears, and knowing that I needed to build a team that would help me grow this community of Public Health Heroes who would collectively inspire each other to do great things in the world, I went on a search. I searched for someone within this very community because there is no better individual to serve the PH SPOT community than your own peer.

What began as a skeptical activity turned into something more. Little did I know that I would be overwhelmed with the number of people who were willing to commit to this mission of helping build public health careers – 30 to be exact! After reading through all of the applications (all of whom were just downright inspiring, and gosh, I wish I could have them all be a part of the operations of PH SPOT…one day hopefully!!), we narrowed it down to 4 people we wanted to speak to. After a difficult decision, we chose one individual – Lis Huang.

When I spoke to Lis, and I heard her passion, enthusiasm, energy and commitment to you, the PH SPOT community, all of the fear I had in handing over the reigns for the weekly newsletter disappeared. Lis has thrown herself into this role as Content Creator and has gone above and beyond my expectations. (I will continue to support the delivery of these weekly newsletters to your inboxes, but you will be seeing a brand new signature in the welcome message every morning.) I am excited to see and read (like you all) what Lis will dig up to send each week – I am excited to be on the receiving end of the PH SPOT newsletters now!

With the addition of this team member and with 2020 around the corner, it’s time for us to think about what the year is going to look like and plan ahead. The exciting part of 2020 for PH SPOT will be the launch of the PH SPOT podcast (ETA: January end). A lot of my time will be spent producing this podcast – planning, recording, and editing! (If you think you may be interested in being in a podcast episode, let me know using this form: PH SPOT Podcast Participation.)

This is the first of (hopefully) more posts that I write to share with you about the expansion of PH SPOT. It’s going to be a slow and thoughtful growth and one that will be done with a lot of intention. I hope you will be part of the journey and share your thoughts along the way.

About the author – Sujani Siva:

I enjoy seeing people around me grow and become the best version of themselves, and if I can be a part of helping them grow, that’s my small contribution to this world. After guiding a number of public health students and new grads over the past 7 years, I created PH SPOT to reach, inspire and support public health professionals.

Main blog photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash

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