In Well, Sandro Galea pens the perfect primer for reading and learning about public health.

Originally a physician, Galea is now dean at the Boston University School of Public Health and a leader in looking at public health through a social and racial equity lens. Galea was among the first in the field to call for recognizing racism as a public health crisis in the US. He now leads Massachusetts’s Covid-19 task force on health equity.

Well is unique as an accessible, non-academic reader on the complexities of public health and its relationship to individual wellness. Galea aptly categorizes public health, not into fields of study such as health care, epidemiology, nutrition, or climate. Rather, he frames health within the cultural values and societal elements that determine wellness such as knowledge, freedom, compassion, and justice. Through a seamless blend of storytelling, current events, and hard evidence, Galea guides his readers to grasp that in order to make us all well, we must first understand what truly determines our health, choose to value it, then come together to politically and monetarily prioritize it as a society.

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Galea in other media:

About the book reviewer – Tasha McAbee


Tasha McAbee is an MPH candidate at the Boston University School of Public Health. She is also a professional medical illustrator/animator at Boston Children’s Hospital and enjoys educating through design and visual media. When not contemplating things like health law and policy, gender gaps in health, vaccine hesitancy, and environmental health, she can be found spending time with her three dogs, or more accurately, taking countless pictures of them.

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